Anjou Développement Nutrition offers you solutions in the 4 main stages of your projects: formulation, research and development, regulation, manufacturing and logistics.


Anjou Développement Nutrition is a company specialized in the field of food supplements and cosmetics. We have been expert in this sector for more than 25 years. We use our knowledge and know-how to develop your product lines or private labels (MDD) through the development of specific formulations for each of your products, Or through our wide range of standard formulas. Surrounded by a network of partners rigorously selected, combining competence, reactivity and strict compliance with the regulatory standards in force.

Research and development

Anjou Développement Nutrition will study your needs in depth in order to establish precise specifications for each of your products, highlighting the technical objectives and constraints to be respected. Once defined, we will select the raw materials as well as the assets according to the desired properties. A tailor-made, efficient and adapted formula can then be designed by us to fully meet your expectations as well as the regulations in force. As professional secrecy has been adopted by A-D-N as one of its foundations, we guarantee you total confidentiality in the development of your project.


All the products offered by Anjou Développement Nutrition comply with the French regulations in force. In addition, the laboratories with which we work hold the “Ecocert” license, which makes it possible to manufacture and package ecological and / or biological products. In order to ensure compliance with French standards, rigorous controls are carried out throughout the manufacturing process: from receipt of raw materials to delivery of the finished product. Each batch of product is unique, and allows to know the origin of each ingredient in order to ensure a total traceability of your products.
Anjou Développement Nutrition also assists you in the realization of your product files, as well as their notification. We also provide you with all the necessary elements to export your products to carry out the customs formalities.

Manufacturing & logistics

Our production sites are all located in France or in Europe. They are also all equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and machine parks to guarantee an optimal and constant quality for each of your orders. Anjou Développement Nutrition is able to answer all your requests: from small to large series, and in all possible galenic forms.

We also offer a wide range of packagings: pots, tubes, bottles, bottles, ampoules, pillows, blisters (etc …) and in different materials: PET, glass (etc …), to correspond to the formula And the use of the product. We can also take care of the realization of your impressions and affix them on your packaging: labels, printing case, silkscreen (etc …).